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Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Substance use Program

Treatment of people with mental illness and substance use co-occurring, rehabilitation is more complicated than the treatment for either condition alone. Rose Hill offers a distinct residential program specifically to meet the unique and often complex treatment needs of this vulnerable, under-served population.

Rose Hill meets residents in the Co-Occurring program where they are and helps them develop a comprehensive treatment plan in which they determine their own personal goals. Each plan addresses physical, mental and emotional goals by guiding the resident through participation in structured programming, therapy, and activities designed to create a foundation for lifelong recovery.


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An Individualized Treatment Plan for Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Substance use Disorder can include:

Available by referral:

The program goal is to effectively treat individuals with mental illness and substance use disorder by combining therapeutic strategies from the fields of psychiatry and addiction treatment to achieve more consistently positive outcomes. By fostering mental health stability and sobriety we provide the experience and tools needed for recovery.



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