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Community Support Program (CSP)

Fostering successful independence with Community Mental Health Support

Studies show that the stress of returning to the community without adequate support increases the likelihood of re-hospitalization. Rose Hill Center’s Community Support Program gives people the opportunity to continue successfully managing their mental health illness when living in a community near Rose Hill. This proximity allows them to reach out for support from our professional staff when they need it.

We foster this independence with a range of fee-based services that provide a mental health safety net. These can include the development of individual treatment plans and reviews, on-call and 24-hour emergency community mental health supports, psychiatrist and case manager appointments, community mental health support groups, and medication education and supervision.

Level of services is determined by individual needs, with in-home visits that can vary from as few as one per month to as many as twelve. Program participants are responsible for structuring their lives with meaningful daily activities such as gainful employment, education or volunteerism.


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