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Treatment Disclaimer

Rose Hill Center provides treatment and rehabilitation services for adults with serious mental illness who are admitted after careful screening and who voluntarily enroll in our programs. Rose Hill Center is not a crisis center, emergency room, psychiatric hospital, a service for persons with developmental disabilities, a skilled nursing facility, or a substance abuse treatment program. We are not prepared to serve persons who may be in imminent danger to themselves or others, require substance abuse detoxification and treatment, or require intensive medical or nursing care. Residents who require short-term hospitalization for a psychiatric or medical condition may return to Rose Hill Center only if we can care for them as part of our established programs.

While we find that most individuals who are admitted to Rose Hill Center can improve functioning, achieve psychiatric stability, and reach many of the goals that they have established for themselves, there is no way to assure a positive outcome. We have found that there are some individuals whose co-occurring conditions, personality disorders, permanent cognitive limitations, resistance to recommended treatment (including psychiatric medication), substance abuse, or other conditions interfere with the effectiveness of our treatment. If this is determined to be the case after admission, we will help develop a discharge plan with the resident, family, or guardian for a more suitable placement.