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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is appropriate for Rose Hill?

Individuals 18 years of age and older with a diagnosis of mental illness who are:

See more information by downloading Patient Statistics Information (PDF).

What treatment programs are available at Rose Hill?

Rose Hill Center offers five distinct programs in its continuum of care:

What sets Rose Hill Center apart from other residential programs?

Teams of dedicated professionals providing an individualized program on a tranquil campus are key to the healing that takes place at Rose Hill. This combination of expert clinical care in a peaceful environment provides relief from the turmoil that mental illness and substance use issues can cause in a person’s life. Rose Hill Center meets people where they are and helps them develop a comprehensive, evidence based plan in which they can articulate their areas of concern as well as their personal goals. Rose Hill then provides the supports and therapies that nurture and facilitate the healing process and assists them in achieving those goals.

What is the length of stay?

Length of stay is determined by an Individual Treatment Plan, but typically ranges 6 – 12 months to successfully complete the program.

What is the typical daily schedule?

Meaningful activity is an important aspect of daily life at Rose Hill. Daily schedules are organized by Individual Treatment Plans and can include therapeutic work activities, job readiness and acquisition skills, therapy, life skills, healthy mind/healthy body groups, exercise, and computer skills. Elective activities can include music, art, drama, and yoga.

See more information by downloading A Day In The Life (PDF) and Services and Activity (PDF).

How does Rose Hill support family members?

What types of professionals work at Rose Hill?

What accreditation and licensing does Rose Hill have?

What is the cost for services at Rose Hill?

The Residential Rehabilitation Program is $400 per day and the Co-Occurring Rehabilitation Program is $450 per day. The daily rate directly reflects the cost of operation. Rose Hill Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Can Rose Hill provide financial assistance?

Rose Hill’s Financial Assistance Program, which is supported by the fundraising efforts of the Rose Hill Foundation, provides a limited number of grants to families in need who meet certain criteria. These grants are not available to individuals who are receiving services through one of Michigan’s public mental health organizations. Assistance can only be granted to the extent that funds are available and other restrictions may apply.

What are the standard methods of payment?

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